Scientific & Engineering Consulting Services for Medical Device Development
Founder Profile
       Dr. Bala Haridas
    President & Founder

Dr. Bala Haridas, President of DII,  is a Bioengineer trained and experienced in biomechanics, biologic and synthetic biomaterials, mechano-biology, and medical device design & development.  He is a serial technology entrepreneur and researcher with ~19 years of experience in industry and academic research in the field of medical implants. Dr. Haridas is a leading industry expert and serves as a Chief Technology Strategist advising senior C-level executives and R&D management for major corporations, east & west coast venture capital firms, and a multitude of medical device startups in biomaterials, devices, and regenerative medicine.  He also spends part of his time as the Co-Director and Professor of the national award winning Medical Device Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati.

Most recently, Dr. Haridas was the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Biomerix Corporation where he led R&D to shape the scientific understanding of the mechanism-of-action of the Biomerix polycarbonate-polyurethane urea biomaterial scaffold used in various FDA approved soft tissue repair products.  He was also instrumental in leading the strategic initiatives and fund raising to drive the development of Biomerix’s next generation resorbable urethane biomaterial scaffold platforms.

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